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School Residencies

The In-School Drama Immersion Program provides direct arts-in-education services to students and teachers in public and private schools through theatre arts residencies and professional development partnerships. Brisbane Youth Theatre teaching artists work closely with teachers to design a series of activities that integrate theatre arts and playwriting into the class curriculum. The unique Brisbane Youth Theatre ACTed script series has been especially designed to incorporate the Queensland School curriculum into theatre scripts for enhanced learning.
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Models of In-School Residencies

This interdisciplinary approach to theatre challenges students to create an original play for presentation in their own classroom. Choosing age-appropriate themes, students train as an acting ensemble, learn the process of playwriting and rehearse using elements of improvisation, music and movement to prepare for sharing their original play.  This residency promotes literacy, collaboration and the development of an authentic voice.  Methodology includes research and integrating current study into their presentations.
School Years K-12

This immersion style workshop for students centres on creating in-class writing and performing activities designed using role-play through which to explore issues of conflict resolution, anger management, bullying, alcohol and drug prevention and sexual behaviour and harassment. Agosto Boals’s theatre methods are employed here, designed to empower the students to recognise responsibility and their ability to create change. Students recognise moments of conflict, choice and decision.  Workshop facilitated by trained teaching artists who promote self esteem, leadership, sensitivity and development of an authentic voice.
School Years K-12




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